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The show I hate that I love


Alright, my secrets out. I am a lover of the crazy ‘reality’ show The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. I started watching The Bachelor last year {Yes, Juan Pablo’s run… Don’t even get me started on him.}, so of course when I found out that Andi was going to be The Bachelorette, I kind of freaked out a little. She was an incredible contestant!! I mean, skipping over the fact that she stuck with Juan Pablo for what, 10 weeks?? We can overlook her lapse of judgement in that area. Turns out Andi was a much better contestant than an actual Bachelorette. I still like her a lot {she’s waaaay better than Clare, that’s for sure}, and everyone has their faults, but she reads waaaaay too much into things. But whatever, it’s ‘reality’, right? ;) 

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Under the sea


Joelle and I have been spending a lot of time in the pool this summer! Dad made a seat for the edge of the pool, and I love sitting there with my feet in the water! Joelle always says “rate my handstands!” or wants me to throw pennies and rings for her to dive after. It’s also lots of fun to lay on the raft and just float around. 

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The happiest of 4th birthdays


I completely understand if you feel the need to judge me. Because 4 years ago, I would probably have judged the person who dressed their dog up for a birthday photoshoot and made him his own special pupcakes. However, since my sweet little Oliver has come into my life, I have realized that it’s only normal to idolize his adorableness ;) And he’s just so darn cute, he deserves ALL the attention ;)

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MargaretAnn - These are sooo cute! Happy birthday, Oliver!

Davene Grace - So adorable!! I’m especially impressed that he sat still for you to take pictures BEFORE he dove into that cupcake. He must be well-trained. :)

Favorite pins of the week


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Do I have any readers who remember my Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday days?? :) I did it for one year + one week, and then decided it was just way too much every week ;) But I thought it’d be fun to write another Pinterest-inspired post, especially in lieu of my last Pinterest post ;) So here are some of my favorite pins this week!

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MargaretAnn - I think your long hair is gorgeous, but hey, hair grows back! I chopped all my hair off about a year and a half ago, and even though now I’m trying to grow it really long, I don’t regret it! Sometimes changing something is the only way to figure out that you really loved it the way it was in the first place!
I LOVE colored gems in engagement rings. I probably wouldn’t want one myself, just because I’m a sucker for the traditional ones, but I think colored gems can be way more personal and say more about the person than just a diamond would.
I love all your pins!

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