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Delight East Coast 2014


Wow. Where does one even begin? If I tried to sit here and write about everything that happened at the Delight and Be retreat last week, I would literally be here for hours, and I would absolutely for sure burst into tears numerous times just remembering everything. So I guess I’ll just try to start from the beginning!!

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MargaretAnn - This looks like it was TONS of fun!! All of these pictures are lovely, and I’m pretty impressed how y’all got so many gorgeous girls in one place.

marcia - gahh, i’ve been waiting for your blog post. :D i don’t even know what to say, except this is just perfect. and it makes my heart so extremely happy.
but, really. your photos, man. they’re good, (and yes, i know you had extremely gorgeous models, but still. danggggg.)

I’ll be back!


Isn’t it funny that just as soon as I do my relaunch, I don’t blog for almost a week? ;) I promise you there are some amazing posts coming up in the future! But for the next week, I’ll be logging out of all my social media and just resting in the Lord. I had the incredible opportunity to go to the Delight East Coast retreat for a long weekend. I honestly don’t have any words to describe the

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Rachel Hoffman - So excited to hear about the stories from the Retreat and see pictures!!! So thankful for all that God did through that weekend.


As crazy as it sounds to write this, yesterday was my 18th birthday! How on earth am I 18?? I have been looking forward to this age for a long time… One of the biggest reasons? Because I can finally get a Target Red Card!! {Haha, not really, but I did go get one of those today ;)} I’m honestly not sure exactly why 18 sounds like a great age, but it does! I don’t have to legally be home by midnight, I can register for any giveaway, and I’m an adult!! :) Ahhhh!! It’s insane!

Yesterday was an amazing day spent with my family! We drove up to Short Pump to do some shopping, and then came back home to eat on the rooftop of Capital Ale House! I’m so thankful for my family who made it an incredibly special day :) Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!! I loved each and every one of them!

Photo Apr 01, 7 23 39 AMIt was literally the most beautiful day for a birthday!!

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Ellie Augustin - Happy Belated to you!!! OK I’m super older then u by 20 yrs but 18 was a fun yr indeed Enough it to the max!

Relaunch! {& Starbucks giveaway!}

I am so so excited to reveal the very much improved Emily Sacra Photography! I have been thinking for quite a few months about the direction I want my business to go. I decided upon a few things: 1) I want to be relatable to my clients! I don’t want to feel like some far off photographer who doesn’t truly care about them; each and every one of my clients are so special to me, and I want to make them feel that way! 2) I want to post about my personal life! Believe it or not, I do other activities besides photography! ;) I post about them on my personal blog, but I’m going to be making the transition to posting more often on this blog. 3) I want to be myself! Too often I find myself typing very stiffly and formally, and for those of you that personally know me, you’re well aware that is not me! I’m pretty crazy a lot of the time, and I love having fun! My goal is for this blog to be a way to show my future clients my personality, but hopefully not scare them off ;) Haha! and 4) I definitely want blogging to be a major part of my business. I have always loved blogging, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t carry over onto my business as well! In fact, I think that it will change everything for the better!

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Blythe - The one thing that made me smile this week is my brother and best friend Aaron! He just makes me smile and I love him.

Meredith - Oh my goooooosh. It looks SO GOOD!

Lisa Heegaard - Being on the soccer field with my splendid teammates. We won both of our games this past week and I had some really good talks with a few of my teammates and can really see that this is going to be an amazing season and I absolutely adore every single one of the girls on the team. I just missed the game so much and can not wait to see what God does this year.

Madeline - Seeing my youngest sisters reaction as she opened her birthday gifts, the glow on her face was priceless!

Kiley - Are you kidding me? This is so amazing and SO YOU. love it. congrats girly!!

alexxus hall - Love it!

Anna Rose Cleghorn - I LOOOOVEE all the teal and GOLDDD!!!!!!

Mary Kate - Ah I love it!!! :) You did an awesome job! And one thing that made me smile this week was hearing the news of my cousin’s new baby girl who was born last night :D

Lauren - Listening to the song 19 You & Me by Dan + Shay and laying in the sun with my sister. Agh it’s so cute and summery and makes me happy, and of course, sisters are the bestest. :)

marcia - DUDE. YOUR RELAUNCH IS THE BEST. all the glitter and teal, it’s so full of happy and totally you.

marcia - ohhh, and one thing that made me smile this week was seeing one of my favorite guys being happy again. he’s had a really tough past year which involved a lot of crap and stuff, and on saturday he smiled so much after months of hardly cracking one. my heart was so happy, i was about to burst. :)

Jessie C. - Great weather makes me smile, it finally looks like Spring.

Leanna - One thing that made me smile this week was getting a 100 on my history quiz. It’s silly, I know, but it was a good start to my Monday. :)

Amber - Spending time with my boyfriend made me smile!

Tara - My babies singing happy birthday to me, and my husband waking me up at midnight to sing me happy birthday just because he wanted to be the first :)

Jessica - It’s been a while since I visited your blog, Emily. Your photography looks great, and so does the design! Happy early birthday. :)

betty wojnar - my son on his sixth birthday blowing out his candles

Emily Ruth - I am in love with your new look! It’s so perfect.
Anyway, one thing that made me smile this week is my youngest sister. She’s such a little ham and can always make me laugh.

Olivia - warm weather after all the snow has made me smile! x

Sarah - My son’s smiles. :)

Jordan - I gave a compliment to a waitress! :)

LEW - oh my gosh – this looks awesome! love the ‘glitter’!

LEW - The fact that there is no longer snow on the ground in VA and the sun is shining once more! Here’s to spring (finally!)!

Ashley D. - Hey Emily, I stumbled across your blog a couple years ago. I love your photography and you website layouts. I hope you have a great birthday!

Melanie F - This sweet giveaway made me smile!! Also my sweet hubs made ME dinner last night… crazy but true. Lol)

Brooke - Congrats on the re-launch! I need to do this myself. :) Best of luck!

Hannah Elise - Your new design is beautiful! This giveaway made me smile, I love starbucks :)

Ellie Augustin - What has made me smile this past week has been celebrating my youngest son’s 11th birthday which included Trip to the City, Dinner at Fridays, Our 1st trip to IHOP since our youngest baby girl was born. It’s been a fun week! This week already started awesome w/the 1st of ride down our block of the Ice Cream Truck.. Spring might actually show up!

ashley - My bf surprised me with a slice of cake! Surprise dessert always puts a smile on my face!


Leidy - My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week (on april 1st to be exact) Knowing that God Blessed me with a wonderful husband makes me smile everyday

Leidy - instagram follower neiddyruiz

Renee A. - I haven’ visited your blog in a while since I am pregnant and don’t have much time for anything but sleeping these days….anyways,I love your new blog and I have always loved your photography….I suspect you will go far in this career b/c you truly have a talent for it so I hope you never put it aside b/c your photos are amazing!!!! I also love seeing your personal life outside of photography, so thanks for sharing it with us!

betsy - my kids

meredith - Awesome relaunch! My husband told dumb jokes that made me smile

kellie rose wilson - spending quality time with my mom!

Chrissy R. - This giveaway made me smile! :) But also, I went to buy a pair of shoes that I “needed” and found out they were on clearance at the register. Best feeling ever!

Vanessa - Emily! This design is GORGEOUS! I love it! :) Perfection.

These gorgeous colors on this blog made me smile. ;) And homemade chocolate peanut butter!

rachel - We finished our bathroom reno! yay!

L i k e   o n   F a c e b o o k