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The Dawson Family

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It was such a pleasure meeting up with the Dawson family! One of their sons lives on the west coast, and was able to come to Virginia for Easter! He isn’t able to visit often, and the family always has to photoshop him into their Christmas cards!! Well there will be none of that this year! :) There was only one day that we could make the shoot work, and fortunately I was able to be there! I drove up to Staunton on Saturday to meet this sweet family, and I had a wonderful time! The kids did such a fantastic job!

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Happiness is a way of life

Easter Sunday-41

DJ and I spent Sunday afternoon running around downtown Staunton! When we drive into town, there’s always a few spots that stick out to us and we say “ooh!! We have to take pictures here!!”, and we always park at the other end of downtown. Each time, we end up walking in only about a half-mile radius, but always finding amazing new spots!! One of these days we’ll make it to the other end of town ;)

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Emily Ruth - I love these, especially the ones with the pink blossoms. SO jealous of those blossoms…

He is not here, for He is Risen!

Easter Sunday-9

Yesterday was a perfect Easter Sunday! I spent time worshipping the Lord at church, celebrating with my family, and taking pictures with DJ {those are coming in another blog post ;)}. On a completely non-Biblical note, this was the first Easter Sunday that I didn’t have a new outfit to wear! It was kind of strange, but honestly, Easter just snuck up on me this year! Wasn’t my birthday just a few days ago?? It’s crazy how fast time flies! But I did get to wear one of my ‘old’ dresses, that I had only worn to shoot weddings in, so I considered it a new church dress ;)

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There is sunshine in my soul today

Sunday with DJ-17

DJ found a new location, and on Sunday afternoon we decided to try it out! It is now my new favorite place!! Be expecting lots of pictures from this gorgeous spot ;) Plus now that everything is green, colorful, and warm, it just makes me so much happier to go out and shoot! I have lots of shoots coming up {including some seniors… they are some of my favorite shoots!!}, and I can’t wait to share them!

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marcia - holy cow. the first three are my favorite.
dj is just dang gorgeous and the light in these is perf.

MargaretAnn - DJ is a beauty.

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